About Me

jousters in my costumes

As a professional costumer I love vintage-inspired designs and historical fashion, and am an avid collector of both. I construct costumes for professional theaters, reenactments, pageants, dance studios, renaissance faires, SCA, etc. Where medieval horse costuming is concerned I consider myself fortunate to have had direct access to many examples of costuming used in the professional theatrical jousting industry dating back 30 years. That has allowed me the luxury of studying and learning from garments that have survived many seasons of hard use on the joust circuit, enabling me to adapt and draft my own patterns based on past successes. Consultation with experienced equestrian performers has provided further insight into their needs and requirements in such garments.

I have been studying, repairing, designing and producing various styles of historical equestrian garments for years, and those I've made are in constant use in lists or on tiltyards on a weekly basis. This website displays a few photos of some items I have created, but the photo credits belong to DK Brower Photography, Ray Feather PhotographyPhotography by Michael Ulrich, Tropical Eagle Photography, and assorted satisfied clients.

black & yellow surcoat

I also make surcoats, cyclasses, jupons, tabards, chemises, period shirts and tunics, period doublets, and flags/banners, in any custom colors of your choosing, with your heraldic device if desired. Prices vary; feel free to contact me with inquiries about something specific.

NOTE: The title of this website (and the name of my equestrian costume business) is a tribute to the great knight and tournier Sir William Marshal (b. 1147- d. 1219). Also known as William the Protector, 1st Earl of Pembroke, Marshall and Regent of England, his lengthy career as a tourneying knight and his rise from humble beginnings to the role of England's ruling Regent is the stuff of legend. He is widely ascribed to be "the Greatest Knight who ever lived." At the great knight's funeral, his eulogy included the lines: "Behold all that remains of the best knight that ever lived ... We have here our mirror, you and I."

He was the perfect mirror for all of chivalry, and thus do we honor his memory of great reknown.